Legacy Fund Grants Program – 2020


JACL Chapters and Districts are eligible to apply for a grant to support a project or activity that is supportive of the National JACL Strategic Plan.  Grants of up to $5,000 each will be awarded by the Legacy Fund Grants Committee to selected applicants.  Funding for the program grants are provided by Legacy Fund revenues.


  • Only JACL Chapters and Districts are eligible to apply. They may apply individually or jointly.
  • Eligible applicants may submit more than one application.
  • JACL Chapters or Districts MUST be the driving force in any proposed project.  Third-party, non-JACL organizations/individuals that involve a chapter or district only on the periphery and only as the project sponsor are NOT eligible to apply.
  • Chapters and Districts shall provide proof of their 990-N tax filing.
  • The maximum amount that can be requested for each grant, including those awarded to joint applicants, is $5,000.  Partial grants may be awarded.
  • Activities supported by grants must be new projects that are carried out and completed no later than June  1, 2021, and which must support the National JACL Strategic Plan.  Repeat projects are not eligible. However, funding will be considered if the proposal is for a new element or new phase (variation) of an ongoing project.
  • Include a contingency plan (back-up plan) should COVID-19 restrictions prevent completion of the project within the original timeline and/or format.


  • All applicants must properly complete an application and secure the required signatures of at least two individuals.
  • All applications must be filed electronically no later than the deadline (reset date) of  June 16, 2020.  A scanned copy of the completed, signed application is to be sent via e-mail by midnight (PST) June 16, 2020 in Word or pdf format (together with supporting documents, if any, in pdf or other readily available software format) to Legacy Fund Grant Committee Co-chairs Roberta Barton (rbarton4106@comcast.net) and Toshi Abe (tabe@jacl.org).
  • OR
  • Mail the original, signed copy together with supporting documents, if any, to National JACL Legacy Fund Grants Committee, 1765 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94115, postmarked by the filing deadline.

Selection of Grantees and Amounts

The Legacy Fund Grants Committee will review each properly completed, timely-filed application.  The Committee will consider the following criteria in reviewing and evaluating each application:

  • Relationship of the project’s goals and objectives to the National JACL Strategic Plan (20%)
  • Potential impact of the project upon the Chapter, District, and/or National JACL and the larger community (20%)
  • Capacity to implement the project, including an adequate timeline (20%)
  • Clarity of project goals and objectives (15%).
  • Presence of a unique or specialized program (15%)  — (1) Does this project target individuals who have been relatively neglected or under-served by current and past JACL programs? (Consider, for example, giving priority to projects that target youth, emerging adults, young professionals, and/or those victimized by forms of intolerance other than those associated with racial or ethnic bigotry).   (2) Does this project involve new and creative means of outreach?
  • Reasonable budget (10%)
  • The LFG Committee may also consider additional criteria such as chapter size, geographic distribution, size of impacted communities and past fundraising participation in the National JACL Legacy Fund.

Reporting Requirements

Grantees are encouraged to submit photographs and/or short videos throughout the life of their project to highlight and promote the LFG Program.   Grantees shall submit two written reports as follows:  the grantee must submit a final written report within 30 days after the completion of the project, including verification (receipts) of all funds spent and the return of any unspent funds.  The final report is due no later than June 30, 2021.  Grantees shall also be required to submit one mid-term progress report no later than Jan. 31, 2021.  However, no mid-term report is required for those projects completed in six (6) months or less.

Changes to the Project/Activity after the Award

  • Grantees must obtain prior approval from the Committee if the amount awarded will not be utilized as indicated in the application.  Requests for changes to originally-submitted projects must be written and received by Dec. 31, 2020.  Requests for changes to originally-submitted projects will NOT be allowed after this date, and all unused funds shall be returned to the Legacy Fund Grants Program.
  • Filing for Changes:  All requests for changes shall be filed in the same manner set forth in Section I, Part F under “Applicants/Application” listed in the Applicant Instructions sheet.
  • Whenever a partial grant is awarded, the grantee shall submit a revised budget to the Committee Chair or his/her designee if the difference between the amount awarded and the amount requested is greater than $500.  The revised budget shall be required prior to the distribution of funds to the grant recipient.  (Adopted by the National Board, October 1999).

Projects Not Completed

Any applicant who does not fulfill the terms and/or conditions of the award:

  • Shall be ineligible to apply for any future Legacy Grant until the unfulfilled terms and/or conditions have been met (Adopted by the National Board, October 1999), or the award is returned to the Legacy Fund Grants Program; and
  • Shall have its future Chapter or District allocations from the Legacy Fund set off from the amount of the grant that remains unpaid.  (Legacy Fund Steering Committee, 1990).
  • If a District defaults on its grant, the individual chapters in that District would not be penalized. They would be eligible to submit individual proposals in the following year (Legacy Fund Grants Committee, 2012).

JACL Recognition

The grant recipients must stipulate in materials and pubic relations efforts that the project or program was fully or partially funded by the JACL Legacy Fund Grants Program.

Download the program instructions and application below:

2020 LFG Application Instructions FINAL
LFG Application 2020 FINAL
LFG Budget Template 2020 FINAL

2019-2020 JACL Strategic Plan

Past LFG-Funded Projects

LFG Recipients 2018 (Video)

LFG Recipients 2017 — (Video)  vimeo.com/280618388

LFG Recipients 2016

WAKU WAKU: Japanese Cultural Activities Resource Guide
Completed June 2015
Sponsored by the NCWNP JACL District

Family: An API LGBTQ Gathering
Completed June 2015
Sponsored by Seattle JACL

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