JACL Youth Legacy Program

What is the JACL Youth Legacy Program?

The JACL Youth Legacy Program connects Asian American youth with the legacy of the Japanese American incarceration during World War II. The program aims to address the search for personal identity experienced by many young Asian Americans who seek greater affirmation and understanding about their collective history. The program also aims to identify the next generation of conservation stewards by connecting them to a National Park Service historic site that has significance to Asian Americans.

Barracks at Manzanar Concentration Camp.

When will the program take place? 

Session 1: July 25-28, 2017

Session 2: August 8-11, 2017

Who can participate?

The program is open to Asian American youth between the ages of 18-25. Participants must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Where is the program held?

Participants will individually travel to Los Angeles for a three-night, four day period. The program will be based in the Little Tokyo neighborhood of Los Angeles. The orientation and workshop sessions will be held at the Japanese American National Museum and there will be a day trip to the Manzanar concentration camp site near Lone Pine in California.

The Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.

How will the participants get to Los Angeles and where will they stay?

Each participant will make they own flight reservations to arrive on July 25 for Session 1 or on August 8 for Session 2. Participants must book economy fares as far in advance as possible to get the lowest fares. Lodging will be at the Miyako Hotel in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Each participant will be paired with a roommate.

How much will it cost?

The airfare, meals, and lodging are covered through a grant from the National Park Service. The grant also covers transportation from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to the Miyako Hotel and from the hotel to LAX.


Applications for the 2017 Youth Legacy Program are now closed.

For additional questions, contact Bill Yoshino at byoshino@jacl.org.

The JACL Youth Legacy Program is sponsored by the U.S. National Park Service.

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