JACL recognizes the importance of developing future leaders for the organization and the Asian Pacific Islander community. To meet that goal, the JACL creates and sponsors leadership programs specifically geared toward student, young adult, and young professional empowerment.

Help Us Fund the Japanese American Confinement Site Program

Help Us Fund the Japanese American Confinement Site Program! The Japanese American Confinement Site Grant program (JACS)is a National Parks Service grant program that distributes funds nationally to preserve the important history of Japanese incarceration during WWII. In just 8 years JACS has provided nearly $21 million to universities, national…

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Now Accepting Applications for the JACL Kakehashi Program 2017-2018

Apply now for the 2017-2018 JACL Kakehashi Program! Up to 200 participants will be selected to participate in this year’s JACL Kakehashi Program, coordinated by the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) and the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE), and supported by funding from the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The goal of the JACL Kakehashi Program is…

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Attend the NY/SC Summit “Asian American Feminism: Not Your Asian Sidekick” at Smith College

The 2017 Japanese American Citizen’s League Eastern District Council’s National Youth/Student Council summit “Asian American Feminism: Not Your Asian Sidekick” will be presented at Smith College by the student organization Pan-Asians In Action. Focusing on issues surrounding Asian/American/Pacific-Islander feminism and activism, we hope to create a space where Asian women…

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