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Digest: October 9

This week’s Digest: Congratulations to Stephanie Nitahara and Kizuna! Congratulations to Toshiko Hasegawa on her appointment as Executive Director of the Washington State Commission on Asian and Pacific American Affairs JACL Conducts Teacher Training in Idaho Falls APA Heritage Foundation Honors JACL & OCA Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival Announces…

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Digest: October 3

This week’s Digest: JACL Stands with Survivors of Sexual Violence Stockton JACL 90th Anniversary Allegiance Northern California Youth Summit Kakehashi December 2018 Trip Check out the COMPLETE DIGEST.

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Digest: September 11

This week’s Digest: Remembering 9/11 Apply for December Kakehashi Trip JACL Votes Tule Lake Committee Files to Stop Airport Sale And Then They Came For Us Screenings in CA In Case You Missed It… See full Digest here.

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Digest: September 18

This week’s Digest: JACL Joins Walkout from Senate Hearing Kakehashi December 2018 Trip JACL Votes JACL National Board Meeting in DC CALL TO ACTION! Contact Your Members of Congress JACL is Hiring! Nikkei-mashou! In Case You Missed It… See Full Digest here.

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