About JACL National Membership Committee

The JACL National Membership Committee (NMC) is a volunteer committee of appointed representatives of JACL’s regional districts as well as chapter presidents, membership chairs and other members interested in working on JACL membership engagement, recruitment and retention initiatives. The JACL NMC operates under the direction of the national JACL Vice President of 1,000 Club, Membership & Services with direct support from the national JACL staff Membership Coordinator. Please direct any questions regarding the information on this page to Haruka Roudebush, VP of Membership at hroudebush@jacl.org.

Chair: Haruka Roudebush, JACL VP of 1,000 Club, Membership and Services – hroudebush@jacl.org

Staff: Mariko Fujimoto, JACL Membership Coordinator – mfujimoto@jacl.org

District Representatives:

Central California District Council (CCDC):

Eastern District Council (EDC):

Intermountain District Council (IDC): Janet Dere Komoto (Snake River)

Midwest District Council (MDC): Ron Sakai (St. Louis)

Northern California Western Nevada Pacific District Council (NCWNP): Janice Luczszak (Sacramento)/Barbara Suyehiro (Stockton)

Pacific Northwest District (PNW): Chip and Setsy Larouche (Portland)

Pacific Southwest District (PSW): Ryan Yoshikawa [Interim] (SELANOCO)

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