Keep Making History with JACL

Give to JACL

This year, we celebrate our 90ths anniversary! Join us to keep making history with a gift to JACL.

Your investments in JACL impact history in two meaningful ways. First, we share our history. Our education guides on the JA Experience, legacy grants, youth summits, and the Pacific Citizen are one-of-a-kind programs to share our story. 

Second, we change the course of history. From immigration laws, to Redress, to the Congressional Gold Medal, we have changed history again and again.

In 10 years, we will celebrate JACL’s 100th anniversary. At that time, we are confident that justice will be served to immigrant communities and that the next generation will be empowered with our programs.

Investing in JACL’s work today will create our shared vision of freedom, education, and justice for tomorrow.

Join us to keep making history with a 90th anniversary gift to JACL!

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