JACL Supports Net Neutrality


December 8, 2017

Press Release

Contact: Jeffrey Moy, Vice President for Public Affairs, jmoy@jacl.org
David Inoue, Executive Director, dinoue@jacl.org


On December 14, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will vote on chairman Ajit Pai’s proposal to dismantle the regulations currently in place to regulate net neutrality. While we recognize there are clear differences of opinion on how to best regulate net neutrality, we are concerned with the removal of protections without a concrete policy for replacement.

One thing that is fairly common are the bases of what net neutrality encompasses. JACL supports these general principles of an open internet:

  1. No anti-competitive blocking of websites, unless there is a compelling legal reason
  2. No anti-competitive throttling of internet access speeds
  3. No anti-competitive paid fast lanes

The proposed revision is to simply require transparency on the part of internet service providers to reveal what practices they might engage. While that is clearly an important component of net neutrality, that alone is not a guarantee of an open internet.

Open access to the internet is now a necessity for every person in America. Minority communities continue to fall behind in access to the internet. There must be a solution found that encourages expansion of affordable service to underserved minority, urban, and rural communities while also ensuring all consumers receive unfettered access to content. These two goals are not mutually exclusive.

We call on the FCC commissioners to ensure continued bright line protection of consumer rights. Net neutrality is an issue that brings widespread non-partisan support and we urge our lawmakers and policy leaders to listen to these calls for the continued enforcement and guarantee of an open internet.

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