JACL National Board Postpones Physical Convention in Las Vegas – Exploring Options for Virtual Meeting in 2020

On April 9, 2020, the JACL National Board unanimously voted to postpone holding an in-person convention in Las Vegas to 2021. The unprecedented impact and continuing uncertainty of COVID-19 necessitated this decision to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of our members, delegates, and board members who would have attended the in-person meeting. It is the responsibility of JACL to support national efforts to promote physical distancing and reduce the opportunity for the disease to spread. Further recognizing that many of our members may be at heightened risk of complications from COVID-19 also influenced the decision.

For 2020, the Board is exploring the potential option of holding a virtual convention and National Council meeting later this year. JACL will issue an additional announcement no later than April 24 that will outline JACL’s plans for the current year and the feasibility of a virtual convention.

We appreciate the flexibility of the Bally’s Resort and Casino to partner with us to hold our event next year and look forward to working with the Bally’s staff in planning the 2021 convention. This is an especially challenging time for the hospitality industry and JACL recognizes Bally’s efforts in supporting its workers during this period of shutdown.

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