JACL/AARP Opinion Survey

As part of our partnership with AARP, we’ve collaborated to produce a survey that will help both of our organizations better understand our membership base, the Japanese American community, and larger Asian American community. This is an opinion survey on recent events, perspectives on aging, and engagement with the Japanese American community. All information will only in aggregate for research purposes. No individually identifiable information will be used for the data analysis. We want to emphasize that one does not need to be a JACL member nor Japanese American to complete the survey.  The survey will take roughly 15 minutes to complete and must be done in a single sitting as respondents will not be able to stop, close their browser/computer, then come back to the same link to resume where they left off.  If someone decides to stop mid-way through the survey, and they close the browser (or if the browser refreshes while they are on pause), then they may have to re-start the entire survey from the beginning.   

As an incentive for your chapter, the chapter with the highest response rate relative to the number of members we have in our records at the end of the survey administration period, will receive a free registration to the next JACL National Convention. Of course, the chapter must be in good standing. For individuals completing the survey, we will conduct a random drawing of those who complete the survey for five Amazon gift cards worth $100 each. To participate in this random drawing, you have the option to enter your name and email address near the conclusion of the survey along with chapter membership.  Participants are under no obligation to provide this personally identifiable information if they do not wish to enter the drawing. We want to emphasize that the name/contact info will not be connected to the rest of the survey responses in order to maintain the anonymity of responses.

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