“Good Luck Soup Interactive” Launches October 6th!

GLS_Flag_Press 2Savannah, GA – The “Good Luck Soup Interactive,” an interactive documentary and participatory storytelling project, documents the experience of Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians before, during and after WWII Internment Camps, launches
October 6th.

The virtual community and interactive website will allow Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians the ability to share a story or experience through uploaded photos, video or text. This web based, interactive component will complement, reinforce and encourage participation in a larger effort to encourage participation and preserve history through social media, participatory storytelling and community events. In addition to the web interactive, a feature-length documentary film will be released in 2016.

“Good Luck Soup Interactive” was partially funded by the JACL Legacy Fund Grants Program awarded to the Philadelphia Chapter.

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