Committees and Forms

NOTE: Some Committees will still be accepting forms despite convention cancellation. Check for updates on new committee deadlines or cancellations.

Awards Committee Forms – NEW DEADLINE: JUNE 16, 2020

JACLer of the Biennium

JA of the Biennium

2020 Inagaki Award

Resolution Committee Forms

  • Resolution Committee will not be accepting forms at this time due to Convention cancellation.
  • However, Initiatives and Referendums can be submitted as outlined in the JACL Constitution and Bylaws. Shown below:
  • SECTION 1. Definitions
  • An initiative is a process whereby the individual members may propose and enact resolutions and other policies pertaining to the organization.
  • A referendum is a process whereby the individual members may vote to approve or disapprove resolutions and policies adopted by the National Board or other authorized decision-making bodies within the organization.
  • SECTION 2. Requirements for Initiative
  • An initiative shall be instituted when recommended by three (3) District Councils and supported by signatures of at least five (5) percent of the membership of said District Councils as reported and recorded in the JACL membership list of the last preceding year.
  • SECTION 3. Requirements for Referendum
  • referendum shall be instituted when such is recommended by three (3) District Councils and supported by signatures of at least five (5) percent of the membership of said three (3) District Councils as reported and recorded in the JACL membership list of the last preceding year.

Nominations and Elections Committee Forms – NEW DEADLINE: JUNE 16, 2020

CBL Committee Forms

  • None at this time

Credentials Committee Forms – New Deadline: June 16

Exhibitor Intake and Ad Forms

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