2018 Convention NY/SC FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Convention

How should we communicate with the NY/SC about convention related youth activities at convention?
Please send all convention related questions to nysc@jacl.org.

I have a youth from my chapter who is looking for a roommate for convention. What should I do?
We encourage you to first reach out to other chapters in your district to see if they also have youth in need of a roommate. If such arrangements cannot be made within your district, please contact us at nysc@jacl.org.

We have a youth who would like to attend convention. How does the Convention Mentorship Program work?
Youth interested in Mentorship Program scholarships should apply by May 25, 2018.
All youth who apply will be placed into the convention’s “youth tract” and be in direct contact with the NY/SC and experienced JACLers.
There are a limited number of scholarships available for participants who demonstrate exceptional interest or need.

Are Mentorship Program participants required to be Chapter Delegates?
While we encourage chapters to name youth as their voting delegates, it is not a requirement for this year’s program. We do hope that participants of this program will return as voting delegates at future conventions.

Is there a limit to how many youth from a chapter can be accepted into this program?
No, but we will consider geographic and financial circumstances when looking at multiple applicants from the same chapter. As this is a national program, our goal is to fund youth from across the entire country. We will consider the question “if not for this scholarship, would the participant be unable to attend convention” when making our determinations.

What is the timeline?
Applications for scholarships must be submitted by May 25. Participants eligible for scholarships will be notified before the Early Bird Convention Registration deadline of June 1. We strongly encourage youth to apply as soon as they are able.

What does the scholarship cover? Are chapters or youth asked to contribute any funds?
For eligible participants, up to the full cost of Convention Registration, Travel, and Lodging may be provided. The funding does not include any incidental expenses, charges to hotel rooms, room service, etc. The amount of funding eligible participants receive will be determined on a case-by-case basis, but all participants will be asked to donate to future programs if they are able.
This year, chapters with Mentorship Program participants will be asked to donate to support the future of the program. We believe that the continuation of the program is essential to support the growth of future leaders within JACL. There is no suggested donation amount, but the typical expense per youth is:
$900 total (Convention Registration: $250, Lodging: $250, Travel: $400)

Who is the ideal applicant to this program?
The ideal applicant to this program is passionate and articulate about why they are interested in JACL. Applicants do not have to have extensive previous involvement with JACL but should have some experience in service to the communities which they belong. This program is an opportunity for youth to see JACL and think about their desire to serve this community.

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