2018 Convention Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program Description:

The National Youth/Student Council’s (NY/SC) 2018 Convention Mentorship Program will take place the 2018 JACL National Convention in Philadelphia, PA from July 18th to 22nd. This program pairs experienced JACL members with younger members and offers travel and registration scholarships to youth. If you are interested in serving as a mentor or attending convention as a youth or young professional, the NY/SC encourages you to join our program.



The National Youth/Student Council (NY/SC) consists of 2 national youth representatives who represent the NY/SC on JACL’s National Board and 7 district youth representatives who represent each of JACL’s regions.

Are you interested in attending JACL’s 2018 Convention?

Application here.

The NY/SC will connect you with an experienced JACL member whose one-on-one mentorship can make the National Convention experience more approachable and understandable for those who may not have been to National Convention before. We will work to pair you with a mentor from your district or chapter and throughout the program there will be an emphasis on opportunities to remain engaged with JACL after convention. The NY/SC will also invite youth in the Mentorship program to join a pre-convention conference call and will be available for general questions throughout convention.


Participants in this program are encouraged to apply for the scholarships we offer to cover the expenses (either partially or in full) of travelling and attending convention. The deadline for these scholarships is May 25th, 2018.


What the NY/SC will do:

  1. Organize a pre-convention conference call to prepare youth attendees for convention
  2. Provide guidance during convention
  3. Coordinate activities for mentorship pairs
  4. Organize a meeting between you and your NY/SC representative (if possible)


What you need to do:

  1. Attend the 2018 National Convention
  2. Be interested and curious in JACL


What you will get:

  1. Learn about opportunities to engage with JACL after convention
  2. Gain more information and background on JACL activities before and during convention
  3. Meet JACL youth leaders from across the country
  4. Make important connections and make one-on-one contact with experienced JACL members
  5. Before and during convention, connect with other youth and hear about current issues in JACL


Are you interested in being a mentor at the 2018 JACL Convention? Application here.

If you are, the NY/SC will work to pair youth from your district or chapter with you to mentor. We will provide a list of suggested activities, exchange contact information between mentor and mentee, and organize a brief optional in-person get-together on the first night of convention. Examples of possible mentor-mentee activities include sitting next to each other at National Council Sessions, lunches, banquets, or the closing session. We encourage mentors to try and engage youth beyond convention back at home districts or chapters.

What the NY/SC will do:

  1. Pair you with a youth from your chapter or district (if possible).
  2. Exchange contact information
  3. Be available as a resource for any questions/concerns


What you will get:

  1. Meet an interested youth from your district or chapter (If we cannot find enough youth from your district and other youth are in need of mentors, we may ask to pair you outside of your district, but will not without your consent.)
  2. Work closely with NY/SC members and youth to make new connections
  3. Invest in the present and future of the JACL!


What you have to do:

  1. Attend the 2018 National Convention
  2. Be friendly and engage with youth
  3. Be available for about an hour throughout convention to talk with your mentee. Suggested events include:
    • Seat with mentee during National Council Sessions
    • Go out for a meal
    • Seat with mentee at various Convention events, including workshops, closing session, banquets, etc.
    • Meet on the first night of Convention

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