2018 CAAM Fest

San Francisco/Oakland, CA – JACL is proud to be co-sponsoring 2 films being shown at the 2018 CAAM Fest. CAAM Fest is a 15-day festival in which Asian Pacific American artists and filmmakers are amplified and celebrated. The festival is set for May 10-24, 2018.
The festival is set to open with the world premiere of Dianne Fukami’s An American Story: Norman Mineta and His Legacy. This documentary celebrates the career and life of Mineta. JACL is a co-presenting this film as well as Muslim Youth Voices.
The Muslim Youth Voices Project is a national initiative of the Center for Asian American Media and funded by the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art’s Building Bridges Program. Through three summers of workshops, CAAM amplified young people’s expression and celebration of Muslim life by giving them the essential tools to tell their own stories on their own terms. We are thrilled to present the world premiere of short films by produced by youth from Plano, Texas, and Portland, Oregon, from our 2017 summer workshop, our culminating year of the program.
Please see here for more information about the 2018 CAAM Fest.
JACL wants to continue to foster and grow the close relationship between the JACL and the Muslim community. See more about this in this New York Times article here.

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