Campus Outreach

The JACL is committed to developing a pipeline of future leaders by assisting Asian Pacific American students to fulfill their leadership potential for the betterment of the Asian Pacific American community and the community at-large. The JACL identifies trains and provides networking opportunities for potential Asian Pacific American leaders by providing instructional workshops, national networking opportunities and by exposing them to the experiences of community leaders and policy-makers.

Campus Workshops on Hate Crimes

The JACL conducts campus workshops on hate crimes as a way of addressing expressions and incidents of anti-Asian sentiment at colleges and universities.

The college experience brings young adults together from widely diverse backgrounds of race, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation. College life offers young adults new freedoms with relatively few restrictions on their behavior. But the freedoms that accompany this new independence also make colleges a high-risk environment for behaviors where attitudes reflecting bigotry may be expressed more readily.

In the past few years the JACL has conducted workshops at the following conferences and universities:

  • 2008 National Asian American Student Conference (Emory University)
  • 2008 Midwest Asian American Students Union Conference (University of Kansas)
  • 2008 East Coast Asian American Students Union Conference (Cornell University)
  • 2007 Midwest Asian American Student Union Conference (University of Illinois)
  • 2006 National Asian American Student Conference (Northwestern University)
  • University of California - Riverside
  • Seattle University
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

For information on scheduling a JACL workshop on hate crimes at your college or university, contact the JACL Midwest Office at 773.728.7170 or

Resource Materials

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Filling the Pipeline: Asian American Leadership and Empowerment
Having many student activists amongst its ranks, the JACL has seen the positive effects of students becoming involved in the issues that matter most to them as well as the negative effects of apathy, which many students face in the wake of a changing and diverse society. This guide, which is part of the organization’s new JACL Youth Leadership Project, is the first attempt to offer students the tools to take that initial step towards civic participation. Additionally, this work dually serves as a reference for those who are already taking action and involving themselves while on-campus and in the community. Accompanied with this booklet, the JACL National Staff is presenting several workshops at various college campuses across the country where they will emphasize the need for student participation and involvement. Click here to download a copy of the 21-page booklet.

Myths and Mirrors: Real Challenges Facing Asian American Students

This self-empowerment booklet brings to light blood-boiling topics and stressful subjects, such as racism and conflicting cultural values, which affect Asian American identity and could possibly impede current students from developing into a strong and confident leader in their community. Readers are provided with action items to empower themselves, others around them, and their communities.Click here to download the 18-page booklet.

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